Actors and screenwriters have more in common than they would like to admit. One is the internal dialogue, the subconscious. The other, the physical manifestation of those underlining recurring themes.

On the rare occasion I get in my writing mode I tend to go method. Solitary confinement. Hermits don’t have shit on us. It usually starts with a frame…or a quick feeling. Then you keep feeding it. Immediately I start creating a vision board for my characters. Don’t remember where I picked it up but I always give them a Zodiac.


MONICA GUERRA (28-32) is the character I’ve been most obsessed with. A 5 year affair. If men have 3 layers of subtext, then women are more like string theory. The multiverse.

Zodiac: Sagittarius
Fondest Memory: Watching movies at the drive-in
Kink: the needle on her skin when she gets a new tattoo
Greatest Pain: The death of her childhood friend
Revenge: To murder the man who killed her friend
Violent Hue: RED
Lie she tells best: That Jesus will forgive her
Theme: The wrath of God

Like most affairs they can end a marriage. Or you keep it secret.

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